Montgomery County Texas Pre-Trial Diversion Attorney Andy Nolen Just Needs the Opprotunity to Help with Your Case

Montgomery County Texas Pre-Trial Diversion Attorney

Montgomery County Texas Pre-Trial Diversion AttorneyTo first time offenders of any criminal offense, it is best to fully comprehend all the adverse consequences that are attached to being convicted of a criminal offense. What many may fail to understand however is the fact that presently there are a number of things that can be done for first time offenders to potentially avoid getting a conviction altogether.

Something that may be tried is called a pre-trial diversion. A pre-trial diversion is an agreement with the state to dismiss your case. Should you be granted a pre-trial diversion then your court case would be reset for a year. During that time period you are going to need to comply with the terms of a contract that you are going to have with the state. This arrangement is really a lot like probation yet maybe not as difficult. Once you successfully complete the program your court case will be dismissed, having said that if you violate any conditions of the program consequently the diversion will likely be revoked and your court case will immediately resume as it was.

Pre-trial diversions need to be handled with a legal profession who knows the ups and downs, both of having them granted and the terms associated with the program. Montgomery County Texas Pre-Trial Diversion Attorney Andy Nolen has dealt with pre-trial diversions before and can help you today. Montgomery County Texas Pre-Trial Diversion Attorney Andy Nolen has also dealt with alternative methods to keeping a clean record like petition for non-disclosure and expungement as well. Don’t hesitate with your future at stake, call Pre-trail Diversion Attorney Andy Nolen today at 713-697-4373.

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